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Our firm provides Passive House Consulting services for other architects, building owners, developers, and homeowners seeking exceptional energy performance - with the option of targeting PHI  certification.

Services include building envelope and mechanical systems recommendations to best accommodate project goals like comfort, durability, indoor air quality, cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, and carbon footprint reduction. We can assist with Passive House Feasibility and PH Energy Modelling using the PHPP 

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We have experience and expertise to move projects forward from being mere ideas to successful projects completed on time and within budget. In addition to expertise, we also have access to a wide-ranging network of professional resources. This network provides us with the tools to further guide all aspects of a project. We specialize in residential, commercial and special events construction projects.

We will assess your company's current situation, including the business challenges and opportunities. We will identify improvement opportunities and their associated, measurable benefits, test business processes, evaluate risks. We help you to develop strategies for growth and improvement of your company's performance as well as provide to you organization change management assistance.

We will assist you to solve problems, identify and eliminate unwanted costs, while improving function and quality. Our goal is to increase the value of products, satisfying the product’s performance requirements at the lowest possible cost. In construction this involves considering the availability of materials, construction methods, transportation issues, site limitations or restrictions, planning and organisation, costs, profits and so on. Benefits that can be delivered include a reduction in life cycle costs, improvement in quality, reduction of environmental impacts.

We specialize in preparing material take-offs and bill of quantities for every construction trade. Our final bill of quantities document is on 16 Divisions of Masterformat. Some of the take-offs we can prepare for you: Forming, Concrete, Re-bar, Framing, Drywall, Insulation

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